Renga Ramasamy


We (Renga & Ram) are just an average Joe getting amazed with the entertainment industry. Suddenly we got inspired with few stories and started developing few scripts. When we started storytelling to near and dear, we saw fascination from audience that inspired us to understand and learn the art of movie making. We are Renga Ramasamy and Ramkumar Purushotham budding movie makers from Atlanta.
Drama, suspense thriller, Comedy
The Illusion story “Mayanathi” revolves around a female waiting for her husband on her first anniversary date and what happens for the next 30 minutes after hangs up phone call with her husband, who is on her way back home.
Illusionary story revolves around Akila Karthick, who is waiting for her husband Karthick Kathirvel (KK) on her first anniversary date. This nuclear family leads happy life in sub-urban location of Atlanta, GA. Peaceful life takes a sharp turn with an accident. How Akila manages the unexpected twist on her first anniversary date is the remaining part of the non-linear screen play.
Vijaya Raghunathan
Aara Krishna
Vijay Sekaran
Shanthini Vijay
Ramkumar Purushothaman, Mahesh Balasubramanium, Lalitha Mahesh, Karthik Kathirvel, Ryan Adam, Mona Kodi, Nivedita Durai and Vishanth Vijay